the gift

A personal project

The Gift is a series of mini-documentaries which documents the journey towards our dream: to build up a second life in southern Europe. The Gift is slow television, inspired loosely by movies such as Columbus, The Red Turtle and the vlogs by Martijn Doolaard.

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our story
Since the beginning of our relationship Kyra and I have dreamed about moving to a place closer to nature. We long for a lifestyle that places greater demands on our practical skills, while at the same time offers a more natural rhythm of life. In the past we made a few valiant attempts in our search for greener grass, but that never materialised into concrete action. We took up a new study, had children, started a company. Life got in the way.

Until things got shaken up at the end of 2022, when I suffered a serious burnout and was forced to a standstill. Although disruptive, the crisis gave us the opportunity to rethink our life. With our savings diminished and the future of my company uncertain we had little left to lose. This was a clean slate. A chance to make new and more authentic choices. Our dream of moving abroad was reborn.

Sparring with close friends our dream grew stronger. Ideas that once seemed lofty now began to seem attainable. With some patience of course. And a mindset that was little less based on decisiveness, and a little more on confidence in organic growth. Should our dream come true, we will consider it a gift of life. Hence the name of this project.

Although we enjoy peace and quiet, we do not desire hermithood. We invite you to follow us on our journey. New episodes appear as new developments occur and are published on YouTube. We look forward to seeing you there.