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Tel. +31 (0)6 520 686 08
Eml. contact@jaapschuurman.nl

The Work
This work is all about paying attention. Attention to the man or woman in front of the lens to capture his or her character. Attention to the client to create images that reflect the identity of the organization. And finally attention to the technique of photography. It is a matter of looking carefully and listening intently.
I strive to apply that attention in every aspect of my work. Firstly because an attentive attitude suits me, but especially because it is a breeding ground for beauty. If that works out, if creativity and purpose are coming together, I am deeply satisfied.

The Clients
"Jaap has an intense attitude. He knows how to get very close to people by listening and watching attentively. This is reflected in the photos, something I find very positive. Even a business assignment is ultimately about people.”
Yasemin Üzüm, Windesheim University

The photographer
Jaap Schuurman is a Dutch photographer with a background in journalism. Raised as a missionary kid, the ability to easily connect with strangers grew naturally, just as did the desire to explore the world with an open attitude.
Today he is a full-time photographer with clients throughout the country. Jaap is married and has two children. He’s got a strong hearth for candid friendships, campfire and The Big Lebowski.
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