The unseen part
A lot is happening between the initial contact with the client and the final delivery of the photos. The most visible part of this process is of course the shoot itself, especially when many people are involved. But there is another equally important part that usually remains invisible, namely the post-processing of the raw images. Here’s a video on the post-processing of a corporate shoot for Bouwens&, a hospitality service based in Amsterdam.
(Video Dutch spoken)
The Process
Brightly illuminated, professional-looking pictures are important to this client. During the shoot we paid a lot of attention to the correct placement of the light and emphasised this brightness in the post-processing. We also payed attention to the interaction with the models (the actual employees). The hand on the left actually belongs to Ilse, the assistant I usually work with.
The result
Left: The raw, untouched image
Right: The final result
Have a closer look
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