Shooting Cristel for FAIR Models.
Concordia Kitchen Shop
Being a gearnerd sometimes pays off.
Bouwens& staff pary
Taking creative pictures during a staff party can be a challenge. Luckily we have Dutch skies.
De Lelystadse Boer
The airport of Lelystad is expanding. The farmers who have been living here for generations are confronted with an expanding industrial area in their back yard. Hence, they make themselves heard.
Children of Rehoboth
A more personal note on one of the shots I took for René Kids Centre in Namibia.
Famshoot Timmermans
The Story behind the pictures I made for the Timmermans family in Belgium.
A story on how to emphasize the brand identity of a company.
I use a full size image printer from Canon. The quality this thing produces is amazing.
It is so satisfying to physically hold your work. I can't think of anything more addictive.
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I reinforce the brand identity of my clients, using visual storytelling.​​​​​​​
Learn more about who I am and the way I serve my clients.
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